With Pete Starkey.Ltd, FishD&A have travelled the globe adding their collective digital footprints to events hosted by the cult sport shoe creators, Converse.

San Fransico, Boston, Austin and London are some of the glamorous locations we have travelled to, to inject some digital fun to proceedings with projection mapping, digital social walls and live online advertising

FishD&A were asked twice by Pete Starkey.Ltd to provide design and animation on a job for converse at the legendary 100 club on Oxford St London.


We created a welcome sign at the entrance to the venue, so when visitors signed in up stairs they saw this as they got to the bottom before walking into the room.

Along side this we also created some online and out of home ads that took photos near live from the in house photographers, allowing the public to see what was going on at the 100 club that evening.


The second time around we created animated posters to run around the venue.

San Francisco

As part of a week of free gigs converse put on at Slims in San Francisco we created a projection mapped social wall that allowed people to upload their pictures from Facebook and Twitter by using a hashtag. We also had an in house photographer taking pictures that we transmitted to the wall, audience members statistics based on their RF ID entry wristbands were displayed and we had a second projection showing the evenings line-up.

They had 5 different genres of music across five different nights, hip hop, rock, indie, metal and electro. With names like Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, Hot Chip, Deltron and Rocket from the Crypt.

Each night guests would use the wall to see what parts of SF they were all from and send their pictures to during the concert and it became a nice focal point whilst waiting for the bands to switch over.

Austin South by South West Festival 2014

With SF proving to be a hit Converse asked us to adapt the social wall for their installation at South x South West music festival sponsoring the Fader Fort.

We took 22 old CRT TVs from junk shops and re-purposed them into individual screen for tweets and pictures, as well as showing a live feed from the main stage at Fader Fort we also installed a spy camera which reflected back the room. Viewers took plenty of selfies against it.

We used 22 image pro's to break a single monitor output across all of the screens, the wiring was ridiculous!

Austin South by South West Festival 2015

Another year at SxSW, what a chore! With a different brand approach this year, Converse wanted a more clean cut approach to lasts years lo-fi stance.

We took two 103" plasma screens (a lot less wiring required) and physically masked them with a CNC cut board.

Guest were invited to have their chucks photographed with their signatures, they then got a printed poster and the image was sent to the video wall.

Austin South by South West Festival 2016

Yet another year at SxSW! This year we updated the video wall with the new style and features. Along side this we also had to do projection mapping across four walls.

In the photo booth this year, instead of trainers, photographers took multiple pictures of guests and turn them in to a GIF which we also displayed on the video wall.

The projectors played a series converse influenced art, animations and videos, along with call to actions for the video wall.

Cambridge, Boston, MA

In the same vein as San Francisco, Converse put on Rubber Tracks Live in the heart of american academia, Harvard, Cambridge.

Five nights of five different music genres and all for free. Dinosaur Jr, Slayer , Passion Pit and Action Bronson

Venue photographers pictures were posted to our video wall and stage projection along with tweets and instagram pictures.

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