Eastpak approached FishD&A primarily for a revamp of their online advertising assets. Within a few weeks we went on to maintain their website graphics, redesign their emails, produce digital out of home ads and all in several languages





Eastpak wanted their above the line ad campaign taking into online advertising, using their beautifully shot models along side their classic bags, rucksacks and suitcases.

Adding separate focus to each image this gave singularity to each of the subjects, showing the bag with no distractions, followed by the everyday person with their empty back, then bringing the two together to reflect the above the line campaign.

There were eight shots and eight products used in these banners, across eight different sizes. All of the supplied portrait and landscape imagery had to be severely edited to get it to fit into sizes, this proved to be 50% of the workload.

EMAIL AND WEB: Other work for Eastpak has included website maintenance for a year until their site's CMS was updated. This involved taking catalogue photography and adapting it to fit the website along with overlaid titles and graphics across multiple sizes and languages. We also re-designed their email template and provided regular updates for the monthly emails.

DOOH: Over the last year we have created a few Digital Out Of Home promtions for Morroco, Hamburg and Dubai.

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