With Pete Starkey.Ltd and Lang and Gale Accosiates, FishD&A have worked on a few Motor Show installations for Toyota in Paris, Geneva and Frankfurt.

We created interactive Kiosks for thier hydrogen car, Mirai and Gazzo Racing Team, an in-car karaoke system and a photograhpic installation.

FishD&A assisted the install with Pete Starkey.Ltd for an ingenious in car karaoke system that invited guest to seal themselves in a Yaris and belt out some preselected tracks, all under the eyes of a camera.

Users could then share (if they wanted to) the video on youtube. This was all based on the TV ad Saatchi had done for the Toyota Yaris.

Toyota Mirai

As part of a week of free gigs converse put on at Slims in San Francisco we created a projection mapped social wall that allowed people to upload their pictures from Facebook and Twitter by using a hashtag. We also had an in house photographer taking pictures that we transmitted to the wall, audience members statistics based on their RF ID entry wristbands were displayed and we had a second projection showing the evenings line-up.

Using an experimental transparent LED screen with a bubble tank placed behind it, this touch screen kiosk was pushing the limits on what's possible with touch screen Kiosks.


Water and shows are a no-no according to most seasoned set builders, but this wasn't as challenging as an open pool at least.

The end effect proved successful, and pushed the overall Mirai creative direction that was only emissions are water for the new Hydrogen powered Car that Toyota had created.


The kiosk has been reused several times in Geneva and Frankfurt motor shows and it's even taken pride of place in Toyota's flag ship store 'Rendez Vous' in Paris

Gazoo Racing

In 2016 Toyota created a stand to show of their racing pedigree. PeteStarkey.ltd and FISHD&A created a kiosk app that worked across five touch screens and a host control computer. Guests watched a randomly selected 60 second animation and then played a quiz against the clock with the chance to win prizes.

Depending on how quick and how many correct answers they gave, helped calculated their score. Their results where pushed to the hosts computer straight after their game, so they could authorise prizes, and check no one was cheating!

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