The UEA Digital Innovations team needed to pitch an idea to the rest of the UEA to acquire funding to produce an app that was in effect a prospectus and more.





Taking the UEA prospectus brand and imagery, we were charged with creating a pitch video to encourage investment from the UEA board. The Digital Innovations team wanted to create a digital prospectus that took users into a full social and interactive experience of life at the University of East Anglia.

As well as selling this as a tool for students, they also wanted to show off the ability to tie in existing systems already used by the many departments of the UEA. Making it cost effective and simple for all. The pitch went down very well and the team receive their fund to develop the app further.

As an additional job for Norwich based agency OsbourneNash.


i created these banners based on their supplied concepts and designs.

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